Unravel the Wonders of Bangkok

Discover the breathtaking marvels of the capital city of Thailand!

Bangkok is the rich capital of Thailand, a land full of picturesque sites and splendid natural attractions. It is a melting pot of different cultures, from the international genre de vivre to the traditional Buddhist living. Thousands of stores dot the pavements in Bangkok which houses millions of good merchandises. The exotic aroma of Thai food fills the air of Bangkok; surely, no one shall ever hear rants of hunger in this place. Not only shall your taste buds be in cloud nine, but also your whole spirits as you discover the pristine temples of Bangkok. There is just too much to explore in the golden city of Thailand.

Whether you are travelling alone or in a pack, Bangkok is sure to exhaust those wanderlust hormones in you. Bangkok’s exquisite temples are sure to reverberate with only the finest sounds of history. Visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok, which is unwittingly the most famous landmark in the City. The palace serves as the luxurious abode for Thailand’s government officials, as well as the Thai’s monarch. The carefully built palace is a grand sight indeed; the walls are seemingly adorned with gold. The Grand Palace remains one of the most visited landmarks in Thailand as its architecture is truly astounding.

After a tiring jaunt in the Grand Palace, it is a must that a traveler fills his insides with only the best food-to get to the core of Thai cuisine, the Chinatown is a must visit place in Bangkok. Tiny wooden stalls that are home to the most delectable Thai street food are abounding in Chinatown. Slowly after sunset do people fill the crevices of the streets of Bangkok, with the vision of nailing the best bargains. This food haven is definitely the place to be for gourmands, or even for those who want to get hold of the Thai culture. For major festivals, Chinatown in Bangkok is livelier, bursting with colors and filled with creative lanterns.

If you still have gotten a grip over the haggling of prices in Chinatown, then try the Floating Market in Bangkok. Many chic, wooden boats are lined on the stagnant waters that sell luscious tropical fruits, fresh coconut juice and even home cooked food straight from the floating kitchen. Truly the floating markets in Bangkok are amazing; going home with the best of bargains is surely one amazing things in the city of Bangkok. If you do not wish to stall and bug with various customers over the prices of goods, you can opt to ride a boat with a guided tour to Damnoen Saduak market to really enjoy the atmosphere.

A visit in Bangkok is never complete not until one has gone to Wat Pho (the temple of the reclining Buddha). Located behind the Emerald Buddha, the Wat Pho is famous for being the largest temple in Bangkok with a 46 meter reclining Buddha covered in gold leaf. Also in Wat Pho, a weary traveler can rejuvenate his bones with the famous Thai massage. It is a good start in Wat Pho, as the massages they offer are not that of the traditional one. It is a mixed of yoga to improve blood circulation. The temple Wat Pho has numerous English guides and many astrologers and palm readers for divine consultations.

If you haven’t had enough of temples, Wat Arun is a good place to visit, as this temple is said to be the place of repose for the battle-worn King Taksin after the siege of the Burmese Army. It has then been renovated and has been catapulted unto being one of the finest temples in Thailand. Its intricate and Chinese porcelain-laden interior is truly amazing when lit up at night.

After capturing countless photographs to box the beauty of Bangkok’s temples, go to Chatuchak Weekend Market which sells wholesale merchandise for customers. Chatuchak is not only the biggest market in Thailand; it is the biggest market in the world! This is literally the place where you can ‘shop till you drop’. This is definitely a must visit place in Bangkok, as there are as much as 200,000 visitors who grope their way to this amazing thrift market. Travelers must not be overwhelmed by the size of Chatuchak. There are many divisions in the market that sell particular merchandise. Brushing up those negotiation skills is a must to ensure you get the best deals at the end of the day.

If you want to see the collision of the West and East, then try Khao San Road where the staggering neon lights glare unashamedly at the influx of foreigners. With a mixture of high end bars and restaurants, Khao San Road is surely the melting pot of the East and West. Many food stalls dot the pavements of the road, catering to the much fickle palates of Westerners. The Khao San Road is definitely the place for your daily dose of night life. Many mobile bars are found along the road, selling bunch of cocktail drinks, more of a precursor to the wild night you and your pack shall be experiencing. Khao San Road’s proximity to the many cultural attractions makes the visit more enticing. Just a few walks and you will end up in the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kew.

If you are up for some lone time in a red light district, well the Soi Cowboy is definitely a hot spot. Named after the African-American who first opened a bar in the 70s, this district is sure to make all that hard earned money fleet as scantily dressed girls move their body to contagious beats. So if you are really up for some naughty time in Bangkok, put Soi Cowboy on your itinerary list.

There is a myriad of wonderful places and attractions in Bangkok. Awesome hot spots are easy to find as many friendly and hospitable guides are available. Your travel in Bangkok, Thailand shall be filled with beauty unraveled by searching eyes. Any kind of taste shall be accommodated as there are plethora of natural attractions, historical sites and modern spots to choose from. Truly, Bangkok is the golden city of Thailand.